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Canine Companion


Experience, Passion and Care

The Canine Cadets

For over 15 years Canine Companion trainers have been instructing pets and owners alike on how to better understand one anothers needs. We understand every one of our clients are unique and so we tailor our training program to your individual needs. We offer a 1 week program and a 2 week program. The results of your evaluation will determine which program will give you the best results. Our program will teach your pet how to understand and follow your obedience commands as well as teach you the owner how to better interact and communicate with your pet. At the end of our program we will give you a hands on training lesson, multiple follow up refresher lessons, as well as a bag of goodies and training materials

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Meet Our Trainers


Master Trainer / Co-Owner

Marc Fields

With a Law Enforcement career spanning over two decades Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through passionate public service. Now retired, he seeks to serve our customers by providing insightful and attentive care to our Canine Cadets. Marc studied under our previous Master Trainer Wayne for years. With 15+ years of training history our Master Trainer can work with even the toughest canine students.



Trainer / Co-Owner

Joel Fields

After 10 years in the logistics industry Joel has taken a leap into new waters to pursue his true passion of caring for animals. A lifelong dog owner and lover he has spent the past 3 years shadowing and learning from the Canine Companion Master Trainers. Together with his father Marc he’s helped to develop the Canine Cadet program and looks forward to many years of educating and caring for your Canine Companions.