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Canine Companion


The Canine Cadets

For over 15 years Canine Companion trainers have been instructing pets and owners alike on how to better understand one anothers needs. We understand every one of our clients are unique and so we tailor our training program to your individual needs. Our Puppy class is designed for rough and tumble new borns who aren’t yet old enough for obedience training. For dogs 8 months and older we offer a 1 week and 2 week residency training program. To determine what is right for your needs we begin with a $25 evaluation, after the evaluation if you choose to signup for our program then we will deduct the evaluation fee from your total. Below is a quick run down of our program features.

Puppy Class



  • Behavioral Evaluation

  • How to Correct and Praise

  • Potty training Tips

  • Socialization Tips

1 Week Residency



  • Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Off

  • Leash Training

  • Hands on Lesson with Owners

  • Follow up Lesson

2 Week Residency



  • Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Off, Place

  • Socialization Training

  • Leash Training

  • Hands on Lesson with Owners

  • Follow up Lessons

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